Legal Fees

December 7, 2016

The Physician’s Assistant v. The Doctor

I recently went to the doctor. Let me back that up, I went to 3 doctors recently all for the same condition. It started with a […]
July 7, 2015

Where do you turn when considering a divorce?

Instead of talking about the legal aspects of a divorce I wanted to focus on you. I’ve recently had to start looking for things outside of […]
June 17, 2015

6 Steps to Finding an Attorney in Texas

As this headline states, below are the six things you need to know to help you find an attorney to represent you, no matter what type […]
June 5, 2015

The Cost of Not Hiring an Attorney

There is a lot of talk about the high cost of attorneys. Rarely is it discussed the cost of NOT having an attorney represent you. I […]
April 29, 2015

What does a Divorce in Texas cost?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question I receive is, “How much will my divorce cost?” Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer as it depends on […]
November 2, 2014

Houston Family Mediation Attorney Lists Advantages

Family disputes are always a difficult situation. The Three Cs of Mediation can make this difficult time a little easier. Cost One of the reasons family […]
October 27, 2014

Why You Should Not Represent Yourself in Family Law Matters

Hiring a family law attorney in Houston is not something that should be taken lightly. The legal process is complex and you should always speak with […]