Do It Yourself Divorce

That’s right, you read this correct. I am going to give you a method to handle a divorce yourself. However, I am going to clarify this, my do it yourself divorce is not going to be free. If you want free then you will need to seek out some other free legal help. My do it yourself divorce is, however, unique in that your documents will be prepared by a law firm, reviewed by an attorney, and you will be given the necessary information to proceed on your own.

This process is designed for couples who do not have any real property and do not have children. If you have either real property or you have children of the marriage, then this program will not apply for you.

How Does This Work?

If you can answer no to the following questions then you will complete my questionnaire (click here for questionnaire).

  • Do you have children that were born during the marriage?
  • Do you own any houses or land?
  • Do you have property that was acquired before marriage?
  • Will your spouse contest any aspect of this divorce?

Once I receive the questionnaire I will review to make sure that your case qualifies and then I will send you a contract to sign and submit payment. Upon receipt of payment and the signed contract, your paperwork will be prepared and returned to you to review.

After you have reviewed and provided any changes needed, the final documents will be sent to you with full instructions for finalizing your divorce.

What if my spouse changes his/her mind?

If this happens then I would suggest paying for an initial consultation to determine how you should best proceed. It may be that you can still complete the divorce on your own, however, that consultation will let you know if hiring an attorney is necessary to best protect your interests.

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