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You and your spouse, ex-partner, ex-whatever are in the middle of a family dispute. Maybe it is a divorce and you cannot agree on how to divide your property. Maybe you have children and need help agreeing on who has the children and for how long. Maybe you cannot agree on how much support should be paid. Maybe you have reached some agreements but need help with the finishing details.

The Process

Many issues arise in family law cases that are resolved in mediation. You may be saying, in fact you probably are, “there is no way this case will settle.” The truth is that nearly every mediator has heard this in probably 90% of their cases. The other truth is that a skilled mediator can see through the disagreements and more often than not can get the parties to reach an agreement.

That is where I come in. I use the information provided by the parties to help them find the common ground. Whether that information can be shared with the other party or not, it is always helpful to me in finding ways to help the parties settle their cases.

I also use my knowledge of family law litigation and of the Judge’s and how they would rule to help the parties. I have practiced in front of the Judges in Harris County, Texas and Montgomery County, Texas and am familiar with what they would do in various situations. As a result, I can tell a party whether they are likely to get the outcome they desire in Court or not.

I offer flexible scheduling so that the attorneys and parties can determine the length of time needed. For example, if most issues have been resolved, then perhaps a one (1) hour mediation is all that is needed. Generally speaking mediations are either four (4) hours or eight (8) hours, however, if you need something in between just send me an Email and I will work with you in scheduling. I also offer you the ability to schedule at a time more convenient for you rather than just at 9:00 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. Click here to see my availability.

What I do not do is represent either party in a mediation. I do not draft any paperwork for Court other than the Mediated Settlement Agreement. Your attorney will draft any orders or decrees necessary for presenting to the Judge. If you do not have an attorney then either you will draft the order or decree or I can refer you to an attorney who will draft the order or decree for you.


How long does mediation last?
Generally a mediation session is either 4, 6 or 8 hours depending on the circumstances and facts in your case. Most mediations are 4 hours, however, a mediation session will take as long as necessary for the parties to either reach an agreement or reach an impasse.
Is a mediation agreement binding?
In Texas, in family law matters, mediated settlement agreements are binding on the parties except in very limited circumstances. The reason for this is to encourage settlement by making sure both parties know that if there is an agreement it will be upheld.
Why do we have to go to mediation?
While many courts require the parties to go to mediation before a family matter can be finalized, the other reason that mediation is necessary is to help the parties find a workable solution for them rather than a Judge making a decision that may or may not be truly workable for them. Mediation offers the parties the flexibility to develop creative solutions. If your case goes to trial you are limited to what the Judge decides is best.
If we mediate, won’t the other side know our strategy?
Not necessarily. Mediation sessions are confidential so that anything learned during the session cannot be used in trial. Any discussions that occur during mediation cannot be used and no one can testify to anything that occurred during mediation.
Is mediation confidential?
Mediation is confidential which helps encourage the parties to speak freely with the mediator. Anything learned during the session cannot be used in trial. Any discussions that occur during mediation cannot be used and no one can testify to anything that occurred during mediation.

Schedule Your Mediation.

This offers the ability to schedule a one (1) hour, four (4) hour, six (6) hour, or eight (8) hour mediation. If you need something else, please email me and I will work with you in scheduling.

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